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What type of device is recommended for viewing models in the Models tool?


Viewing Models on the Procore Mobile App

For viewing BIM models published from Navisworks® to Procore's Models tool, the following specifications are recommended or required:

  • Compatible Mobile Devices
    • For the Procore iOS app:
      • Any iPad model (iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini) or iPhone model that meets the current software requirements for the Procore iOS app. See iOS Requirements.
        Note: If your model files are larger than 1.75GB, you might want to consider using an iPad Pro, which has a greater amount of RAM and can handle larger files more easily.
    • For the Procore Android app:
      • Android tablets or phones (such as Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy) that meet the current software requirements for the Procore Android app. See Android Requirements.
        Note: The Android device must support Vulkan, a cross-platform API used for 3D graphics. Most commonly used and supported Android devices DO support Vulkan. Android devices that may not support Vulkan are generally lesser-known brands, or devices that are using older, unsupported versions of Android. 
  • Device Storage: There must be enough free storage on the device to download and view models on your device. See Download or Remove Models from a Device (iOS) or Download or Remove Models from a Mobile Device (Android)
    • For optimal performance, we highly recommend a device with 4GB RAM or more.
    • Your device should have sufficient storage to support the models you intend to use. A general tip is to multiply the typical .nwd size you work with by four (4). For example, if your .nwd file is 2GB, you should have 8GB or more of free space available on your device.

Viewing Models on the procore Web Application (

We recommend using Google Chrome to view models in Procore's web application. See View a Model.

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