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What should I know about invoicing in Portfolio Financials?

This information is intended for accounts with Portfolio Financials product in Procore. Please reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information. 

Invoicing FAQs

Invoices are added by the Owner Team or submitted by the Vendor Team on the Invoices tab of the Contract Room in Portfolio Financials.
Note: The Owner Team can also add non-contract invoices if the 'Invoice Room' feature enabled is enabled for the account. See Add Non-Contract Invoices in Portfolio Financials.

Below are a few common questions related to invoicing in Portfolio Financials:

How do I review an invoice that was submitted by a vendor?

Invoices are reviewed within the Invoices tab of the relevant Contract Room. See Approve or Reject an Invoice in Portfolio Financials for more information.

Why can't my vendor edit a rejected invoice?

Invoices are editable only in a pending state. If you reject or approve an invoice submitted by your vendor, they will not be able to edit it unless you change the status to Pending. To revert an invoice back to a Pending status, see Undo the Rejection of an Invoice in Portfolio Financials.

Note: The user who submitted the invoice must be the person to edit it once it has been put back into a pending state. You can confirm who added the invoice under 'Invoice Created' in the 'Invoice Status' section. 

Why am I not receiving email notifications for invoices?

If you are not receiving email notifications for new invoices, you most likely have not been added to the Owner Team for the relevant Contract Room. Reach out to the Project Manager to request that they add you to the appropriate Contract Room team.

Note: If you are on the Project Team for a given project, you can add yourself or another member to the Contract Room to receive email notifications. See Add Owner Team Contacts to the Contract Room in Portfolio Financials.

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