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What should I know about claiming a business on the Procore Construction Network?

Limited Release
The Procore Construction Network is currently available in the United States and Canada.


The Procore Construction Network is a free and public marketplace for the construction industry. The network provides a place for construction companies and professionals to connect on projects and form key business relationships. We are offering collaborators a free Procore company account to manage your own business information and publish your business profile on the Procore Construction Network. To get started, you need to claim your company.

After you claim your company, you can:

  • Get discovered for relevant work by Procore customers
  • Edit and manage your company's public business page
  • View all of your projects and the companies you collaborate with
  • Manage and respond to bid invitations
  • Perform takeoff and create estimates
  • Add members of your team and assign bid contacts


Below are commonly asked questions and answers about claiming a business on the Procore Construction Network.

Why Should I Claim my business?

We are offering collaborators a free Procore company account to manage your own business information such as company address, services offered, areas of service, and more. When you confirm your business, you can update your information so that other construction companies can connect with you through the Procore Construction Network.

How Did Procore Get My Information?

You already have a collaborator account associated with a company in Procore. We are offering you your own free Procore company account. By claiming your business profile, you can manage your company information, invite your team to Procore, and win new business through the Procore Construction Network. See Where does business page data come from on the Procore Construction Network?

How long does it take to Claim?

Claiming takes less than 5 minutes. After you claim, you will have immediate access to your new account! However, there is a 24-48 hour approval process for you to be granted edit access for your company information. Procore verifies profile owners to ensure the highest quality of profiles, and that you have the proper ownership over your company.

Who Can Claim a Business?

Any employee of your company can create an account and claim their business, pending a 24-48 hour approval window where Procore verifies your information. You will be notified via email as to whether or not your account and claim are approved.

If your claim is approved, you will be able to add and manage other users for your company. See How are businesses approved to be listed on the Procore Construction Network? and Add Users to your Free Procore Account.

What Happens After I Claim my Business?

After you claim your business, you will be logged in to Procore and can update your business information, such as company name, location, company type, construction sector, and area of service, so businesses can find you on the Procore Construction Network. You can also invite other employees to Procore, respond to bids, and more.

Who should I contact about signing up?

For more information about signing up for Procore's construction network contact Support.