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What is an upstream collaborator?


In Procore, an upstream collaborator is a person, business, or entity that entered into a legal agreement with your company to perform work on a construction project. The term, upstream collaborator, is used to represent the person, business, or entity that is paying you to perform contracted work. 


Examples of upstream collaborators are:

  • You are a project owner who has created a funding in Procore with an upstream funding source, such as a City, County, or State government, who will be paying you to complete a project. 
  • You are a general contractor who has to create a prime contract in Procore with an upstream owner, who will be paying you to construct a commercial building. 
  • You are a specialty contractor with expertise in electrical work and you have created a client contract with a general contractor who will be paying you to perform all of the electrical work on a high-rise office project.