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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Timesheets tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Change History To Timesheets (3/13/2018) 

Added the ability for Admin's on the Timesheets tool to see the Change History of a timesheet.

Added Date Range On Timesheets (3/7/2018) 

Updated the former date field on the Timesheets tool to now allow users to view Timesheets from a range of dates.

'Admin' Users Can Now Approve/Unapprove Timesheets (2/27/2018)

Updated the Timesheets tool to provide users with 'Admin' levle permission with the ability to 'Approve' and 'Unapprove' timesheets. In addition, the timesheets now display a status or 'Pending Approval' or 'Approved' to prevent users from editing or deleting an 'Approved' timesheet. See Timesheets: Added Ability for Supervisors to Approve Timesheets.

Added 'Timesheet Status' Column to Custom Reports for Supervisor Approvals (2/21/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add the 'Timesheets Status' column from the Timesheets tool to custom reports. When a report includes this column, users can filter and sort data by 'Pending', 'Approved', or 'Blank'. This is designed to provide supervisors with the ability to quickly find timesheets that require approval. See Reports: Added 'Timesheet Status Column' to Custom Reports.

Added Additional Field Checkboxes to the Timesheets Tool's Configure Settings Page (2/15/2018)

Updated the Configure Settings page in the Project level Timesheets tool to add an option for users with 'Admin' level permission to the following checkboxes under the 'Enable Additional Fields On All Timecards' area: Sub Job, Location, Time Type, and Billable. See Timesheets: Added Additional Field Checkboxes to Configure Settings Page.

Added 'Sub Job Code' Column to Custom Timesheet Reports (2/14/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to add 'Sub Job Code' to the 'Timesheets - Available Columns' list in custom Timesheet reports. Note: In a timesheet, both the 'Sub Job Name' and 'Sub Job Code' are associated with a timesheet when the person creating or editing the timesheet specifies a 'Sub Job'. See Create a Timesheet

Deployed Minor Cosmetic Updates for the Timesheets Tool (2/13/2018)

Updated the user interface for the Timesheets tool to add the 'Select <Field Name>' text to the label that appears on all drop-down lists. This clarifies the purpose of the field fro end users. Also added the asterisk (*) symbol to better highlight which fields require data entry. 

Deployed Minor Cosmetic Updates for the Create Timesheets Page (2/5/2018)

Updated the user interface on the Project level Timesheets tool's Create Timesheets page. This including minor cosmetic updates to the Search bar in the Employee drop-down list. Also applied changes to improve visibility of the Employee Name and Initials on each timesheet.

Improved Crews Functionality in Timesheets Tool (2/2/2018)

Improved the functionality of the Timesheets tool so that now, when a user creates a timesheet with a crew and that crew is later deleted, the timesheet continues to display the name of the crew. Prior to this update, the users in that crew were deleted were moved to an 'Unassigned' section.

Changed Page Title To 'Create Daily Timesheet' (1/16/2018)

Updated the title of the page from 'Create Timesheets' to 'Create Daily Timesheet.' See Create a Timesheet.

Select a Crew When Creating a Timesheet (1/11/2018)

Updated the Project level Timesheets tool so you can now select a crew when creating a timesheet. To use this option, your company account must be using Procore's Timesheets tool. These tools are part of Procore's Field Productivity product line.  See Create a Timesheet.

All Changes

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