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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Timesheets tool. 

Recent Changes

Added New Column To Show Signature Status (11/21/2017)

Updated the Project level Timesheets tool to add a new column to the index view that shows whether or not a line item on a timesheet has been signed. If a user clicks "Signature" on a signed entry, a modal appears with the signature. If a user subsequently makes a change to the Total Hours, the a message alerts the user of the status change, and then changes back to "Awaiting Signature."

Show Budgeted Vs. Non-Budgeted Cost Codes In The Cost Code Drop-down (11/17/2017)

Updated the Cost Code drop-down in the Timesheets tool to display cost codes grouped by Budgeted and Non-Budgeted.

Added Ability To Copy Previous Timesheet (10/27/2017)

Updated the Timesheets tool to add the ability for a user to create a new timesheet entry using the previous timesheet that they created. See Copy Previous Timesheet for more information.

All Changes

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