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View Lookahead Schedules


To view Lookahead schedules on the project's Schedule tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • Read-only and above permissions on the project's Schedule tool. 
  • Additional Information:
    • Schedule tasks are defined in an integrated project schedule (e.g. MS Project, Primavera P6, etc.).


  1. Navigate to the project's Schedule tool.
  2. Click the Lookaheads tab.
    You will see a lookahead showing the date range you selected. A Lookahead can be created to range from one to six weeks. See View Lookahead Schedules
    The following colors and symbols can be seen on a lookahead:
    • Blue: Non-Critical
    • Red: Critical 
    • Grey Hatch Pattern: Baselines compare to master schedule
    • Hazard Symbol: Date differs from the master schedule
    • Configure Columns: Allows you to filter what columns are shown on the Lookahead.
    • Filter Options: Allows you to filter what you want to see on the Lookahead. If you only want to see critical paths from a certain date range use the filter options to adjust the Lookahead. 
    • Compare to Latest Master: Compares Lookaheads to items on the last master schedule updated in Procore. 
    • Delete lookahead icon-delete-trash.png: Click the trash icon to delete lookaheads you've created. 


The following options are available when viewing a lookahead:

Configure Columns
  1. Click the Configure drop-down menu.
  2. Choose which columns you want included on the Lookahead:
    • Mark the checkbox next to each option you want to see as a column.
    • Clear the checkboxes next to any options you want to hide.
    • Selected columns can be sorted on the Lookahead from low to high and high to low.
  3. Reorder columns on the lookahead chart:
    1. Hover to the left of the column name you want to move.
    2. Click and drag the grip icon-reorder-grip.png icon to drop the column name into a new order.
View Other Lookahead Schedules
  • Click the date range drop-down to see all the lookaheads created.
Filter Options
  1. Click Add Filter
  2. Choose from the following options to filter by:
    • Resources: People resources needed to complete or perform the task.
    • Critical Tasks: Shows tasks marked as critical on the native schedule file.
    • Company: Companies involved in execution of the task. 
    • Assignees: Individuals or groups the task is assigned to.
Compare to Latest Master
  1. Click the toggle ON icon-toggle-on-ios.png next to 'Compare Lookahead to the Master' if you want to compare.
    Note: A Lookahead will always compare to the latest master schedule uploaded. When turning on the compare to latest master you will see a grey hatch pattern directly under the item comparing the lookahead dates with the latest master dates. If there is a delta, a hazard icon will appear next to the schedule task in the lookahead.