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Create a Commitment Change Order from a Funding Change Order

This tutorial is intended to be used by Procore users who have NOT enabled the Change Events tool on a project.
 Limited Release
flag-us.png The Funding tool is available as a limited release for Procore customers in the United States who have implemented the Procore for Owners point-of-view dictionary. To learn more, see What tool names and terms are different in Procore for general contractors, owners, and specialty contractors?


To create a commitment change order from a funding change order or a funding potential change order.


Only use these steps when the project's Change Events tool is NOT enabled on your project: 

  • One (1) Tier Change Orders:
    • On the Funding Tool
      When the one (1) tier setting is configured on the Funding tool, the change management process starts with creating a funding change order.
    • On the Commitments Tool
      When the one (1) tier setting is configured on the Commitments tool, you can start by creating a commitment change order. 
  • Two (2) or Three (3) Tier Change Orders:
    • On the Funding Tool
      When the two (2) or three (3) tier setting is configured on the Funding tool, you will start by creating a potential change order. 
    • On the Commitments Tool
      When the two (2) or three (3) tier setting is configured on the Commitments tool, create a potential change order for a commitment.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Funding tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • Use the steps below only when the Change Events tool is NOT active on the project. When the Change Events tool is active, follow the steps in Create a Commitment Change Order from a Change Event.
    • After creating a funding change order, you can issue and approve a commitment change order for the contractor from the Schedule of Values (SOV) of the potential change order.
    • You can also compare the commitment change order to the corresponding line item on the funding's potential change order and view any variance between them.
The steps below describe how to create a commitment change order from a potential change order. However, you can use the same steps when creating a commitment change order from a funding potential change order, funding change order, or a commitment potential change order.



  1. Navigate to the project's Funding tool.
  2. Locate the funding to work with. 
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click the Schedule of Values tab.
  5. Under 'Add Line Item,' do the following:
    • Cost Code
      Select a cost code from the drop-down list. 
    • Description
      Enter a brief description of the change. 
    • Type
      Select the funding type. 
    • Amount
      Enter the amount. 
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Create CPCO
    This opens the Create a Commitment Potential Change Order for Line Item page. 
  8. Under 'Step 1: Choose a Commitment Contract', choose the appropriate contract to associate that contract with the new potential change order. 
    To create a new purchase order, see Create a Commitment.
  9. Click Add Change Order Details.
  10. Complete the following information:
    • Number
      This field automatically populates based on the number of change orders already created. By default, the number will automatically increment by one. 
      How does Procore assign numbers to commitment change orders? To learn more, see How are commitments, contracts, fundings, and changes numbered in Procore?
    • Revision
      This field displays the commitment change order's revision number. When a commitment change order is first created, its revision number is zero (0). A commitment change order can have multiple revisions because of feedback from a reviewer/approver.
    • Title
      Procore populates this field with the name of the potential change order.
    • Status
      Select the current status of the commitment change order.
      What are the available statuses? To learn more, see What are the default statuses for change orders in Procore?
    • Private
      Place a mark in this checkbox to make the commitment change order private. Private  change orders are only visible to these users:
      • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool.
      • 'Standard,' or 'Read Only' level permissions who have been added to the private list on the commitment associated with this change order. 
    • Change Reason
      Select the reason for the potential change order, either Client Request, Design Development, Allowance, Existing Condition, Backcharge, or any options customized by your company's Procore Administrator. See Set the Default Change Management Configuration.
    • Schedule Impact
      Enter the number of days required for the change. 
    • Description
      Enter a detailed description of the change order.
  11. Click Create & Add Line Items.
  12. Complete the following information:
    • Description
      Enter a more detailed description of the line item.
    • Amount
      Enter the amount associated with the line item.
  13. Click +Add.
    If the combination of the sub job, cost code, and cost type are non-budgeted, a pop-up will appear asking to confirm you want to add this line item to the budget. If OK is selected, this line item will be added directly to the Budget with a "?" next to the line item. See Add a Partial Budget Line Item.
  14. Follow the steps above to add more line items as needed. 
  15. Click Finish & Return to Prime PCO