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(Beta) Create Funding Change Orders

 In Beta
This content is for participants in the Project Financials: Modernized Experience for Prime Contracts beta program. 
 Limited Release
flag-us.png The Funding tool is available as a limited release for Procore customers in the United States who have implemented the Procore for Owners point-of-view dictionary. To learn more, see What tool names and terms are different in Procore for general contractors, owners, and specialty contractors?


To create a Funding Change Order (FCO).


Use the steps below when you want to create a change order for a funding.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Funding tool.
  • Additional Information:
  • For companies using the icon-erp-synced2.png ERP Integrations tool: Show/Hide  
    • Not all ERP integrations support the sync of change orders. For those that do, additional requirements, limitations, and considerations vary depending on the ERP system your company's account is integrated with. See Things to Know About your ERP Integration for details.



  1. Navigate to the project's Funding tool.
  2. Locate the funding to work with. Then click its Number link. 
  3. Click Create and choose the Create Funding CO option.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Sign with DocuSign©
      If the Procore + DocuSign© integration is enabled, a checkmark appears by default. Clear the checkmark from the box if you do NOT want to collect signatures with DocuSign©
      How do you collect signatures with DocuSign? After the data entry for the subcontract is complete, change its status to 'Approved' and click the Complete with DocuSign button. This launches the DocuSign® application. If you have not previously signed in, you will be prompted to Sign In to DocuSign®. After you are signed in, you can proceed with Prepare a DocuSign® Envelope for Signature
    • Change Order #
      Accept the default contract number, enter a new number for this contract, or create a custom numbering scheme for this contract and future contracts.
      • If you plan to create multiple change orders, Procore automatically assigns new numbers in sequential order. For example; 001, 002, 003, and so on. 
      • To use a custom numbering scheme, enter any set of alphanumeric characters and Procore automatically assigns new numbers in sequential order using your custom scheme. For example, enter FCO-1, FCO-01, or FCO-001. 
    • Date Created
      Shows the date and time the funding change order was created. You cannot change this date.
    • Revision
      Displays the funding change order's revision number. When a funding change order is first created, its revision number is zero (0). A funding change order could have multiple revisions because of feedback from a reviewer/approver. 
    • Created By
      Displays the name of the user that created the funding change order. You cannot change this name.
    • Title
      Enter a title for the funding change order. 
    • Status
      Select the current status of the funding change order. To learn more, see What are the default statuses for change orders in Procore? 
    • Private
      Mark this checkbox if you want to make the funding change order 'Private' and visible only to users with 'Admin' on the Funding tool. 
    • Due Date
      Select a due date for when the funding change order must be approved by. 
    • Invoiced Date
      Select the date when the funding change order was invoiced.
    • Designated Reviewer
      Select the Procore project user at your organization who will be responsible for approving or rejecting this funding change order later.
      • The 'Designated Reviewer' can submit an approve or reject response when a change order is in these statuses:
        • Pending - In Review
        • Pending - Revised
      • To send an email notification to the 'Designated Reviewer' to notify that person that a change order is awaiting their response, you have these options:
        • You can forward the funding change order to the 'Designated Reviewer' by email. See Forward a Change Order to a Project User by Email
        • The pending funding change order will also be listed in the 'My Open Items' area in the Project Home page.
      • After the 'Designated Reviewer' submits an approve or reject response, the 'Reviewer' field (directly below the 'Designated Reviewer' field) shows the date/time stamp of that person's response. The 'Reviewer' field is only visible to the 'Designated Reviewer.'
    • Paid Date
      Select the date that payment was received for the funding change order.
    • Description
      Enter a more detailed description of the funding change order.
    • Schedule Impact
      If this funding change order is expected to impact the construction project's schedule, enter the estimated number of additional days this would add to the schedule. 
    • Revised Substantial Completion Date
      Enter an updated substantial completion date for the project. 
      If the substantial completion date is enabled on the Funding tool, Procore updates the funding change order's 'Revised Substantial Completion Date' field after the funding change order is placed into the Approved status. See Configure Settings: Funding
    • Executed
      Mark this checkbox after the funding change order is fully executed.
    • Change Order Requests
      If the Funding tool is configured for three (3)-tier change orders, select any change orders related to this funding change order from this drop-down list. See Configure the Number of Change Order Tiers for the Funding Tool.
    • Potential Change Orders
      If the Funding tool is configured for two (2)-tier change orders, select any potential change orders related to this funding change order from this drop-down list.  See Configure the Number of Change Order Tiers for the Funding Tool.
  5. Choose one (1) of these options:
    • To create the funding change order, click Create.
    • To create the funding change order and send email notifications, click Create & Email