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Reactivate a Single User Account in the Project Directory


To reactivate a user that was previously inactivated from the Company Directory so that he/she can once again log in to a company's account and access project-specific information.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To perform the steps below, 'Admin' level permissions on the Project level Directory tool.
    • If you have 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool, you can achieve the same result by following these steps: Reactivate a User in the Company Directory

      Important! It does NOT matter whether the user account reactivation task is completed by a Procore Administrator on the Company Directory or by a user with 'Admin' level permission on the Project Directory. The reactivation steps at both levels have the same result--the user account is reactivated in the Company Directory and project access permission is reinstated in all Project Directories to which the user had previously been granted access. 

  • Prerequisite:
  • Additional Information:



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  1. Navigate to the project's Directory tool.
    This reveals the Project Directory page. 
  2. Under Views, click Inactive Users.
    This reveals a list of inactive users. 
  3. Choose from these options:
    • Locate the desired person in the list. Next, click Reactivate and then click OK.
      A popup message appears asking you to confirm the action.
    • Click Edit next to the person's name in the list. In the page that appears, place a checkmark in the Active box. Then click Update.
      Note:  This reactivates the user account in both all Project Directories to which his or her account has been added, as well as the Company Directory.