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Create Waste Entries

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To create Waste entries in the project's Daily Log tool.


The Waste section tracks what kind of waste is generated on site, where the waste is deposited, and the method of disposal. This is useful in keeping the project in accordance with any waste laws the state may have. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Standard' level permission or above on the project's Daily Log tool.


  1. Navigate to the project's Daily Log tool.
  2. Scroll to the Waste section.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • #: This uneditable field counts the number of entries in a section (e.g. the first entry created will be # 1, and the second entry will be # 2).

    • Time: Indicate the time the entry happened by selecting the hour and minutes from the drop down menus.

    • Material: Enter the type of waste that was disposed of.

    • Comments: Enter any comments that may help clarify the entry.

    • Disposed By: Enter the company that disposed of the waste. Companies must be added to the Directory tool to be selected in this drop-down menu. See Add a Company to the Project Directory.

    • Method of Disposal: Enter the method that you used to dispose of the waste.

    • Disposal Location: Enter the location where the waste was deposited.

    • Approximate Quantity [#]: Enter the approximate number of items disposed in the location specified.

  4. Click Create.


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