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Add a Worker

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To add a worker to the Employees list in the project's Crews tool for use with Procore's Field Productivity tools. 


For projects using Procore's Field Productivity tools, you can add workers to the project's Crews tools. The workers you add here are used in both the Crews and Timesheets tool. When you add a worker to Procore, the worker's record is also added as a contact in the 'Contacts' tab for both the Project Direct and Company Directory.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To add a worker to the Crews tool:
      • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Directory tool.
      • 'Standard' level permissions on the project's Crews tool
        'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions on the project's Directory tool with the 'Create Contacts' granular permission enabled.
  • Additional Information:




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  1. Navigate to the project's Crews tool.
  2. Click Create and select Add Worker from the drop-down list.
  3. In the 'Add Worker' window, do the following:
    • An asterisk (*) denotes a required field.
    • If you have two (2) or more workers with identical names, the Crews tool will NOT allow you to create duplicate worker entries. You have these options:
      • Add a unique Employee ID for each worker (Recommended)
      • Enter a middle initial or name after the first name.
      • Enter a unique name for each worker, such as a nickname. 
    • *First Name: Start typing the worker's first name. If you have previously added workers, a list of potentially matching names appears. You can select the correct match or type a full name. 
    • *Last Name: Start typing the worker's last name. If you have previously added workers, a list of potentially matching names appears. You can select the correct match or type a full name. 
    • Optional: Employee ID. Enter an Employee ID for the worker in this list. 
    • Optional: Classification: Select a classification from the drop-down list. To learn which Procore tools interact with classifications, see Which Procore tools support 'Classifications'?
  4. Click Add.

Need to update a worker record? You can edit a worker later with these tools: