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Review RFQ Responses


To review quotes that have been submitted from subcontractors who have received an RFQ.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read-Only' and above on the project's Change Events tool.
    Note: In order to review RFQ responses from within the Commitments tool, you'll need 'Read-Only' permissions on the project's Commitments tool and to be added to the "Private" dropdown.
  • You can also review RFQ responses from within the individual change event.


  1. Navigate to the project's Change Events tool.
  2. Click the RFQs subtab. 

  3. Scroll to find the change event with RFQs you want to review, or use the filters to narrow your search (see View and Filter RFQs).
    Note: You can tell if an RFQ has been responded to if the following are true: 
    • The "Original Quote" field shows the amount the subcontractor entered in the RFQ response.
      Note: You can click on the RFQ to review additional information within the actual RFQ.
    • The status has been changed from "Out for Pricing" to "Under Review"
    • The "Ball in Court" field is empty
  4. (Optional) Once you have reviewed the RFQ, we recommend you update the status to Pending Final Approval. This will allow you to use the RFQ filter (see View and Filter RFQs) to see which RFQss have already been reviewed and which are still under review.
  5. Now you can create or link to a Commitment Change Order (See Next Steps). 

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