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Procore's Company level Programs tool is designed to help you better organize your projects. With this tool, you create customized program (i.e. group) names that make sense to your company. You then use these names to classify your company projects in Procore. For example, some companies choose to classify projects by office location, while others might want to classify projects by country, region, company division, or using special program names.

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The following table highlights which user permissions are required to perform the described user action.

Task None Read Only Standard Admin
Add Programs       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png*
Add a Project to a Program       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png*
Assign a Project to a Different Program       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png*
Delete a Program       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png*
Edit Program Information       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png*
Remove a Project from a Program       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png*
View Programs   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png

* These actions require the displayed permissions on either the Company or Project level Admin tool.

Below are the notable changes to the company's Programs tool. 

Recent Changes

No recent notable changes.