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What are the two 'Billing Type' options in Procore Pay invoices?

 General Availability in Select Markets (United States)
flag-us.png Procore Pay icon-external-link.png with payments powered by Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB)* is available in the United States. It is designed for General Contractors and Owner-Builders who act as their own General Contractors on a job. Procore Pay extends the Invoice Management icon-external-link.png functionality in the Procore web application to handle the payment process between general and specialty contractors.
 Procore Pay Integrates with the Modernized Subcontractor Invoicing Experience
in Procore Pay, lien wavers are powered by Levelset, a Procore Company. To manage lien waivers with the Invoice Management tools in Procore, your Procore users must be using the modernized subcontractor invoicing experience. 


For companies using Procore Pay to Manage Lien Waivers in the Invoice Management icon-external-link.png tools on a Procore project, invoice creators and administrators can use two (2) Billing Type option buttons in the General Information card of the New Invoice page. These options are only available with Procore Pay. 



This table details the new Billing Type options on the New Invoice page. To learn the difference between the lien waiver types, see What types of lien waiver templates can you create in Procore Pay?

Billing Type  Choose this option... To do this... Learn More
Progress Billing When the invoice payee is billing incrementally for work completed over the course of a construction project. Generate a Progress Conditional and/or a Progress Unconditional waiver, depending on the default template set in the Invoicing tool's Settings. 
Final Billing When the invoice payee is submitting the final invoice on a construction project.  Generate a Final Conditional and/or a Final Unconditional waiver, depending on the default template set in the Invoicing tool's Settings. 

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