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What are the default drawdown statuses in Procore Pay?

 General Availability in Select Markets (United States)
flag-us.png Procore Pay icon-external-link.png with payments powered by Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB)* is available in the United States. It is designed for General Contractors and Owner-Builders who act as their own General Contractors on a job. Procore Pay extends the Invoice Management icon-external-link.png functionality in the Procore web application to handle the payment process between general and specialty contractors.


A disbursement is the action of paying out money from a fund. In Procore Pay, a disbursement withdraws funds from a general contractor's funding account and transmits them to the general contractor's deposit account. Payment orders are then issued to withdraw funds from the deposit account to pay invoices. 


A Fedwire Drawdown is a drawdown request that authorizes Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB) to withdraw funds from your funding account to fund the disbursement. When viewing the details of a disbursement in the Company level Payments tool, you can see the drawdown status for the disbursement.


Drawdown Status

This table details Procore's default statuses for disbursements. To learn more, see Create Disbursements.

Status Definition
funding-requested.png The funding request for the payment(s) in the disbursement is complete.
funding-failed.png The funding request has failed. 
completed.png The funding request is complete and Goldman Sachs (TxB) is evaluating the payouts. 

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