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What is the Units of Measure Beta?

Units of Measure Beta

This beta feature lets you calculate and display budget amounts using different units of measure. Three new columns appear in your budget: Unit Qty, UOM (Unit of Measure), and Unit Cost. These columns appear when you create new budget line items and in the popup for original budget amounts. Columns for Budgeted Unit of Measure, Unit Quantity, and Unit Costs can be added to your budget via the company-level Admin configuration. You can also use a CSV import template to import multiple unit quantity line items at one time. Additional columns can be added via the Configure Columns button on the Budget screen. See (BETA) Configure Budget View Columns.

Units are also supported in the following financial tools and will be supported in other tools in the near future:

  • Commitments
  • Direct Costs
  • Prime Contracts

To use this feature, complete the unit of measure fields when you add a new budget line item. These fields will be used to calculate the original budget amount for that line item.


You can also view the unit of measure fields on the popup that appears when you click the ellipsis next to an original budget amount on the Budget page.


Procore supports the following units of measure:


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