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Should I enable the Direct Costs tool on my project?

If you are going to turn the Direct Cost tool on for a project, please be aware of the following:

  • When the tool is activated a conversion script will automatically be run to create direct cost line items for any direct cost amounts that were input on the Budget tool
  • Once the tool has been activated on a project you CANNOT turn the tool off and revert to using the direct cost column on the Budget tool.  Turning off the Direct Costs tool will remove the Direct Cost column from the Budget.
  • For Sage Integrated projects - There is a configuration in the ERP area that sets whether Sage or Procore will control Direct Costs.  Currently this configuration controls whether Sage will prefill Direct Cost values, or if the user can enter them manually in an editable field.  Sage integrated projects cannot use the Direct Costs tool at this time, however this ability is in active development.
Enabling Direct Costs

If, after reading the article above, you would like to active the tool on your existing projects, consider making the following changes first:

  • Update your default permission templates. We recommend the following permissions based on project role:
    • Architect/Engineer:  None
    • Project Manager: Admin
    • Owner/CM:  None
    • Subcontractor: None
    • Superintendent:  None
  • Enable the tool on your standard project template so it is on by default for all new projects. See Enable the Direct Costs Tool.