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How can I view a custom Training Center?


The company that owns the Procore account that you're using to collaborate on a project has created a private section on Procore's Support site ( for training their end users on company-specific best practices and procedures. Their custom Training Center (e.g. will only be viewable to users who have been granted access to view their content. 


  1. Make sure you have access to your company's Training Center. See How do I request access to a custom Training Center?
  2. Log in to Procore. See Log in to Procore Web
  3. In the top right corner, click the Question Mark (?) icon. 
  4. Click Support Center/ Training Center


    This redirects you to either Procore's Standard Support Site at or your company's specific Training Center.
  5. If you are directed to our Standard Support Site, you can navigate to your company's Training Center by performing a keyword search for the company's name. (e.g. Acme Construction) The company's Training Center link should be listed as one of the top results.
  6. Bookmark your company's Training Center in your web browser. If your Procore session expires repeat the steps above to regain access. 

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