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What is a draft RFI?

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This article serves as a compliment to Create and View an RFI. Please refer to both when making a draft RFI.

About Draft RFIs

Draft RFIs serve as a place to store information that may produce an actual RFI on a future date. You may choose to leave your RFI in draft form if you are awaiting pending information that you will need to edit in later.

In some cases, the RFI 'Admin' user will choose to only allow standard level users to create draft RFIs. This allows the RFIs made by standard level users (e.g. superintendents) to be reviewed by the PM or PE before it is published and distributed to all responsible parties. (Note: If you are an RFIs tab 'Admin' user, and you want to set this preference, see Configure Advanced Settings: RFIs.)


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  • When you click the Draft option on the RFI creation screen of Procore, you will be asked whether you would like Procore to assign the next available RFI number to this Draft RFI or leave the field blank to be added later. The 'Admin' user can choose to assign the next available number to the Draft RFI by clicking Continue or leave the number field blank to be added at a later date by clicking Cancel.
  • Draft RFIs can be viewed by selecting the "Draft" filter on the RFI log page.
  • To change a Draft RFI to an actual RFI, uncheck the Draft RFI option on the 'Create RFI' screen. Click Create to save the change and email the assignee and distribution group.
  • To delete a Draft RFI from Procore, click the Delete button on the right side of the RFI Overview page.
  • When a Draft RFI is changed to an actual RFI, Procore will assign an RFI number.
  • Once an RFI has been created, it cannot be changed back to the "Draft" status.

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