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Release Notes for 2022-05-02

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Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, April 29, 2022.

Core Tools

No notable changes.


No notable changes.

Project Management


New Fields Added to Correspondence List View and Exports

Procore has updated the list view in the project's Correspondence tool to include additional fields as configurable columns. When their associated columns are configured to show in the list view (see Customize the Column Display in the Correspondence Tool), the following fields will also now be included in correspondence list PDF and CSV exports (see Export a List of Correspondence Items):

  • Cost Code
  • Cost Impact
  • Distribution
  • Issued On
  • Location
  • Schedule Impact
  • Schedule Task
  • Specification Section
  • Sub Job
  • Trade
  • Type


'Multiple Response Set' renamed to 'Custom Response Set'

Procore has renamed 'Multiple Response Set' to 'Custom Response Set' in the Company level Inspections tool. See Create a Custom Response Set for Inspections.

Financial Management

No notable changes.

Resource Management


Added 'None' filter options

To help in surfacing entries that are missing data, Procore has added the 'None' option to the following filters: Classification, Cost Code, Crews, Location, Sub Job, Time Type. See Search for and Filter Employee Timesheets.

App Marketplace

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