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Procore Imports: Release Notes

Below are notable changes to Procore Imports. 
Note: Procore Imports can only be installed on a Windows PC laptop or a computer. Download the most recent version today:

Recent Changes (12/3/2019)
  • Added ability to import Submittals.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements (10/28/2019)
  • Login screen is larger and easier to read
  • Friendly warnings are given when the wrong template headers are used
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements (7/26/2019)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements (7/12/2019)
  • Added ability to import Punch items. (7/9/2019) 
  • Procore Imports v 1.0.0 is the first public version of this exciting new product! Procore Imports is a free, desktop software program that you can download and install on a computer running Windows 7 or newer. It's designed to give individuals a convenient method for importing large sets of data to Procore. See Procore Imports App.


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