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Release Notes

Below are notable changes to Procore Drive. 

Note: Procore Drive can only be installed on a PC laptop or a computer.

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Recent Changes

Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.9.3 (7/27/2017)
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.9.2 (7/26/2017)
  • Fixed bugs with schedule uploads
  • Bug reporting improvements
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.9.1 (6/28/2017) 
  • Fixed login bugs
  • Fixed an issue with schedule upload
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.9.0 (6/9/2017) 
  • Added support for SSO and OAuth
  • Miscellaneous schedule enhancements
  • Fixed granular permission for drag/drop
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.8.0 (5/2/2017)
  • Added support for importing schedule files from Primavera, in addition to Microsoft Project files.
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.7.0 (3/23/2017)
  • Granular Permissions support 
  • Bug fixes
Populated Start/Finish Variance For Imported MS Project Schedules (6/8/2016)

Updated Procore Web to ensure that the start and finish variance for a schedule are read when a Microsoft Project file (MPP) is imported to the Schedule tool via Procore Drive.

Bug Fixes to Version 1.6.5 (5/19/2016)

Fixed an issue where timestamps were showing the incorrect date. 

Updated Behavior Of Asta Powerproject Uploads In Procore Drive (4/28/2016)

Updated the Schedule tool so that when users upload Asta Powerproject schedules via Procore Web or Procore Drive, the imported summary task data is hidden in Procore Drive, as it is done in Procore Web. Summary tasks can then be viewed through a filter.

Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.6.4 (4/19/2016)
  1. Added ASTA as a schedule type. See Integrate an Asta Powerproject Schedule
  2. Toggle for Desktop and Start Menu shortcut creation
  3. Bug fixes

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