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Procore Android App - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to Procore for Android. 

Note: Procore for Android updates are generally rolled out over the course of 3 days. This means that you may not see the newest version available for your device until 3 days after the official release date.

Recent Changes

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2024.0617 (07/08/2024)

  • Fixed: The phone number field should now properly appear in the Project Information widget within the dashboard.
  • Fixed: Issue causing some PDFs to crash.

2024.0603 (06/17/2024)

  • Changed: Improved accuracy when searching within the Inspections tool. 
  • Fixed: My Time now shows correct non-budgeted cost codes when selecting a different project.

2024.0528.2 (06/05/2024)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements. 

2024.0528.1 (06/04/2024)

  • Fixed: My Time no longer crashes when entering the tool.
  • Fixed: The dashboard no longer crashes when viewing the information tab.

2024.0528 (06/03/2024)

  • Fixed: Filtering error when selecting cost codes while creating or editing a timecard.
  • Fixed: Save button was not enabled in some cases when creating or editing a timecard.

2024.0520 (05/28/2024)

  • Added: Company Admins can now specify both a company permission template and default project template when creating a new company user.
  • Fixed: When creating or editing an inspection item, the due date now displays the correct date. 
  • Fixed: Waste Daily Log no longer crashes when entering a decimal value without a leading 0 in the approximate quantity field. 
  • Fixed: Employee name is no longer removed when a new Timecard is created in Daily Log.

    Note: The version in the app is incorrectly listed as 2024.0513

2024.0506.2 (05/15/2024)

  • Fixed: The app no longer crashes when viewing photo or attachment records in Action Plans.

2024.0506.1 (05/14/2024)

  • Fixed: The app no longer forces a log out or prevents logging in.

2024.0506 (05/13/2024)

  • Fixes an issue where editing an inspection item causes the inspection item signature to disappear.
  • Fixes an issue where Unable to load Punch list items with large numbers.
  • Fixes an issue where the Punch tool was not properly syncing data when there are items with really large number fields.

2024.0429.1 (05/08/2024)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements.

2024.0422 (04/29/2024)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements.

2024.0415 (04/22/2024)

  • Fixed: When editing an RFI, a user can now input the correct separator and the value will display according to the user's locale.
  • Fixed: In Timesheet, Sub Job and Cost Code can now be correctly copied from one entry date to another.

2024.0408 (04/15/2024)

  • Fixed: The hours fields in the Daily Construction Report log now offers values greater than 24 and up to 1000.
  • Fixed: Inspection date no longer incorrectly changes to the next or previous day after saving the item. 

2024.0402 (04/08/2024)

  • Fixed: Schedule tool no longer crashes when events have no start date.

2024.0325 (04/01/2024)

  • Fixed: The Inspections list no longer goes to the very top when exiting out of an inspection.
  • Removed: The ability to store data on an SD card had been removed from the app. Data is now only stored in the Procore app.

2024.0318.2 (03/28/2024)

  • Fixed: The Project Documents tool now allows you to Track a file when creating it.
  • Fixed: Streaming videos no longer crash in some rare scenarios.

2024.0311 (03/18/2024)

  • Added: Downloading PDF attachments is supported when no markup is present.
  • Added: Project Search now supports Tasks.
  • Fixed: File size is now correctly shown when viewing the info of an attachment.
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when paging through many items in various tools.

2024.0304.1 (03/12/2024)

  • Fixed: The app no longer crashes during startup in rare cases.

2024.0304 (03/11/2024)

  • Fixed: A correspondence created from the Locations tool will now associate the location to the correspondence.

2024.0226.1 (03/08/2024)

  • Fixed: Photos tool no longer crashes after dismissing the Photo Information screen.

2024.0226 (03/04/2024)

  • Fixed: Really long group names in Conversations are no longer cut off. 
  • Fixed: The home screen no longer shows a blank screen in rare scenarios.
  • Fixed: Potential crash related to paging through many PDFs.
  • Added: You can now see references on inspection items.
  • Fixed: Inspections created from the Locations tool will now associate the location to the inspection.

2024.0220 (02/26/2024)

  • Fixed: Purchase Orders now properly display decimal fields in supported languages.
  • Added: An error message in the Uploads Queue screen is displayed, informing the user that the inspection must be marked as Open when attempting to make changes to an inspection that has been marked as Closed.
  • Fixed: Crash occurring in the inspection details screen.

2024.0212.1 (02/22/2024)

  • Fixed: Inspections uploads should go through successfully without getting stuck. 

2024.0212 (02/20/2024)

  • Changed: Avatar to edge spacing on Account Home screen and Project Overview screen.
  • Fixed: Calling Support uses the correct phone number for the supported geographic region.
  • Added: An error message in the Uploads Queue screen is displayed, informing the user that the inspection must be marked as Open when attempting to make changes to an inspection marked as Closed.
  • Fixed: Resetting the password properly routes to the correct web page rather than to the Procore Android app.
  • Added: You can now see alphanumeric as an identifier field on inspection.

2024.0205.1 (02/15/2024)

  • Fixed: PDF loading issue affecting some PDFs. 

2024.0129.1 (02/12/2024)

  • Fixed: In Inspections, improved visibility of text. 
  • Fixed: In Directory, the country picker search now appears in the same language as the device's locale.
  • Fixed: The app no longer crashes when logging in after changing email address.

2024.0129 (02/08/2024)

  • Fixed: Inspection sections now properly update when changing the inspection status.
  • Fixed: Drawing Areas sort order.
  • Changed: Updated the sort option names in the Project picker.

2024.0122 (01/29/2024)

  • Changed: Added a divider on the inspection item preview to improve the distinction between items.
  • Fixed: Project Selector no longer crashes when showing a project that is more than 1000 distance units away.
  • Fixed: Drawings no longer freezes in certain cases when displaying large cloud marks.
  • Fixed: The app no longer crashes in certain cases after losing authentication.

2024.0116 (01/22/2024)

  • Fixed: Editing a correspondence item no longer crashes when setting a cost impact larger than 999.

2024.0108.1 (01/16/2024)

  • Fixed: A crash when viewing drawings.

2024.0108 (01/16/2024)

  • Fixed: A rare crash when using the Before/After feature.
  • Fixed: My Time now properly sorts projects by recently viewed.
  • Fixed: Inspection due date no longer shows as one day prior to selected date.

2024.0102 (01/08/2024)

  • Fixed: Purchase orders and work orders now show the correct value for pending COs.
  • Fixed: The conversation button no longer obscures other elements in the Observations tool.
  • Fixed: 'My Time' now properly supports adding lunch time when clocking in.

2023.1211 (01/02/2024)

  • Added: You can now attach photos from your camera to PDF forms.

2023.1204 (12/11/2023)

  • Fixed: Instructions are now sorted correctly.
  • Fixed: When viewing the list of contacts in the Directory tool, the QR code icon now properly appears.
  • Fixed: Values no longer clear when inputting quantities on T&M Tickets. 

2023.1127 (12/04/2023)

  • Fixed: Locations now populate on new items after navigating to tools from the Location tool.
  • Fixed: The keyboard will no longer reset when typing in certain scenarios. 

2023.1113.1 (11/30/2023)

  • Fixed: In Models, the models now render properly and interaction with the models behaves as expected.

2023.1113 (11/27/2023)

  • Added: In Forms, the date now includes the timestamp.

2023.1106.1 (11/15/2023)

  • Fixed: In Conversations, the unread message badge will now show the correct count.

2023.1106 (11/13/2023)

  • Fixed: Custom number fields in the Inspections tool no longer show a "Numbers only" error message when inputting a valid number.
  • Fixed: Inspections created from the Equipment tool now correctly link back to the equipment.

2023.1030 (11/06/2023)

  • Fixed: Inspections tool now correctly shows the Point of Contact users.
  • Fixed: It is now easier to tap to open the sidebar from the home screen.

2023.1023 (10/30/2023)

  • Added: Recently viewed items now available on Project search.
  • Fixed: When creating a Quantities, Daily Construction Report, or Waste and Productivity daily log entry, fields no longer reset when a number bigger then 999 is input.
  • Added: When the "Upload Over Wi-Fi Only" setting is enabled, a notification now indicates that uploads will wait until a Wi-Fi connection is established.

2023.1016 (10/23/2023)

  • Fixed: Improved formatting for fields in Punch tool.
  • Fixed: Improved formatting for fields in Inspections tool.

2023.1009 (10/16/2023)

  • Fixed: Location properly sets when scanning its QR code in Quick Capture.
  • Added: On the Inspection screen, expanded or collapsed sections now stay in that state.
  • Fixed: Editing date fields in PDFs now brings up a date picker dialog.

2023.1009.1145 (10/09/2023)

  • Fixed: Observations uploads no longer fail due to a template assignee with read-only permissions.
  • Added: You can now see company details in the Inspections tool.

2023.1002.1148 (10/02/2023)

  • Fixed: Improved the performance of Photo and Document uploads.
  • Added: Made the Inspection section collapsible.
  • Fixed: Users with "Read Only" permissions can now filter Action Plans by all Plan Managers.
  • Added: Matching text will now be highlighted when searching for properties in Models.
  • Fixed: Submittals no longer shows the "Workflow In Progress" banner improperly in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue in Daily Log causing camera attachments to not attach in specific scenarios.

2023.0925.1308 (09/25/2023)

  • Changed: Improved the performance of uploading items in the Incidents tool.
  • Fixed: Bookmarking Inspections will no longer crash.
  • Fixed: Forms no longer upload incorrectly in rare cases.

2023.0911.1522 (09/11/2023)

  • Fixed: The 'Share Within Procore' feature in Drawings properly adheres to the correct permissions.
  • Fixed: Observations no longer shows invalid users in the Assignee picker.
  • Fixed: The Training Center now uses the proper link.
  • Fixed: The app no longer crashes occasionally when entering or exiting a geo-fenced project location.

2023.0905.0859 (09/05/2023)

  • Fixed: When viewing RFIs, the Spec Section now properly links to its respective document when a document is available.
  • Changed: Improved the Uploads Queue screen to include more information about an upload's status. 
  • Added: When Battery Save mode is enabled on the device or when Restricted Battery Mode is enabled in the app settings, a warning is now shown in the Uploads Queue screen indicating that uploads will be paused when not using the app.
  • Fixed: Incident injury record custom fields no longer disappear when selecting an injury.
  • Added: Android 14 is now officially supported.

2023.0828.1153 (08/28/2023)

  • Changed: Improved the time entry experience in the meetings tool.
  • Fixed: Deep links are supported when you are not yet logged in.
  • Fixed: When opted in to location tracking, it now properly works for devices that do not have the Google Play Store installed such as Amazon devices. For these affected devices, this fixes features such as My Time Clock that uses a project's geofence to send push notification reminders for clocking in and out of a project.
  • Changed: Before/After photo sizes have been reduced by 50+%

2023.0821.1004 (08/21/2023)

  • Added: The Correspondence tool now has a shortcut button.
  • Changed: The Models tool has improved dark-mode support.
  • Fixed: When sharing images from other apps to Procore, the app will now return to the project home screen rather than exiting the app. This also fixes some cases where photos would fail to upload.

2023.0816.0907 (08/16/2023)

  • Fixed: The app no longer crashes intermittently after you are deactivated from the Company Directory.

2023.0814.1320 (08/14/2023)

  • Changed: Project distances can now be displayed in smaller units of measure.

2023.0807.1020 (08/07/2023)

  • Fixed: Sorting views within the Documents tool no longer crashes.
  • Fixed: Clearing filter options within Drawings no longer crashes.

2023.0731.1141 (07/31/2023)

  • Fixed: Creating a new ruler in the Drawings tool and then leaving and re-entering the drawing can no longer cause the value to change. 

2023.0725.1117 (07/25/2023)

  • Fixed: Daily log will no longer crash after creating a daily log entry

2023.0724.0910 (07/24/2023)

  • Fixed an issue where the 'New! Projects Closest to You' banner could not be dismissed when device font sizes were large
  • Fixed an issue in Submittals where PDFs would not jump back to the first page when the configuration changed
  • Fixed an issue where My Time would not properly embed the GPS location information when location tracking was enabled

2023.0712.1019 (07/12/2023)

  • Fixed: App no longer crashes when trying to create a Visitor Daily Log
  • Fixed: App no longer crashes when trying to edit a line item's Cost Code on a Commitment's Schedule Of Values

2023.0711.0916 (07/11/2023)

  • Fixed: App no longer crashes in the camera when location tracking permissions are not granted

2023.0710.1300 (07/10/2023)

  • Fixed: Additional actions such as taking another picture or exiting the camera can now only be performed if the photo has been fully processed
  • Fixed: You are now able to properly save a time card when editing custom fields
  • Fixed: The app no longer intermittently selects the wrong Inspection in the Inspections tool
  • Added: Observations as Reference on Action Plans (view only).
  • Added: Observations as Record on Action Plans.
  • Added: Forms as Reference on Action Plans (view only).
  • Added: Forms as Record on Action Plans.
  • Added: Meetings as Reference on Action Plans (view only).
  • Added: Meetings as Record on Action Plans.
  • Added: Support for Action Plans Configurable Fieldsets (view only).
  • Added: Action Plans plan-level Progress.
  • Changed: Swiping between details of Inspections is no longer supported

2023.0620.0825 (06/20/2023)

  • Fixed: Viewing an RFI from an email will now be displayed in the app
  • Added: Support for displaying Meetings as Reference in the Action Plan tool.
  • Changed: Redesigned the login screen to provide a more intuitive look and feel
  • Fixed: Logging in through SSO providers should now properly work

2023.0612.1117 (06/12/2023)

  • Fixed: Fixed a text error which would cause the activity feed for an inspection item to show the previous response's text after it was updated
  • Fixed: Observation pins on drawings will now update their color correctly when updating the status from the detail screen
  • Added: Documents as Records on Action Plans
  • Added: Documents as Reference on Action Plans

2023.0608.1928 (06/08/2023)

  • Fixed: Speed settings in the Models tool has been fixed.

2023.0606.1117 (06/06/2023)

  • Fixed: Observations will no longer crash when attempting to edit them.

2023.0605.1032 (06/05/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0530.1451 (05/30/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0522.1002 (05/22/2023)

  • Fixed: Sometimes the offline banner at the bottom of the screen was showing despite being online. This has now been fixed.

2023.0515.1223 (05/15/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0508.1547 (05/08/2023)

  • Added: Submittals as Reference on Action Plans (view only)
  • Added: Filter support for Submittals (Reference) on Action Plans
  • Added: Submittals as Record on Action Plans
  • Added: Record that were not originally requested on Action Plans
  • Added: Item Level Status on Action Plans
  • Added: Support for Verification Method (Filter) on Action Plans
  • Added: Support for Items Status (Filter) on Action Plans

2023.0503.1042 (05/03/2023)

  • Fixed: Daily Log no longer crashes when after updating some logs

2023.0502.0849 (05/02/2023)

  • Fixed: Occasional crash from quick capture has been fixed
  • Fixed: The "Save Photos and Videos to Gallery" app setting is now respected when attaching photos or videos to an item from the camera

2023.0424.0945 (04/24/2023)

  • Fixed: Viewing and recording audio files is now properly supported in Dark Mode

2023.0419.1015 (04/19/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0418.1259 (04/18/2023)

  • Fixed: Deleting a drawing calibration no longer crashes the app in certain circumstances.

2023.0417.0944 (04/17/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0411.1013 (04/11/2023)

  • Fixed: Report a Problem function now works as expected

2023.0410.1424 (04/10/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0403.0803 (04/03/2023)

  • Fixed: Blank signatures now properly appear for Inspections, My Time, and Timesheets when using dark mode
  • Fixed: The options to create Daily Logs now properly appear for tablets in landscape mode

2023.0330.1243 (03/30/2023)

  • Fixed: Fixed issue with My Time clock not starting and defaulting to 9 total hours.

2023.0321.1133 (03/21/2023)

  • Fixed: App no longer crashes when logging in

2023.0320.1141 (03/20/2023)

  • Added: Support to item filtering on Action Plans

2023.0313.1107 (03/14/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0227.1414 (02/27/2023)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and performance improvements

2023.0221.0919 (02/21/2023)

  • Fixed: Properly display title and icon on Documents 'No Preview' screen.

2023.0213.1252 (02/14/2023)

  • Added: Action Plans now supports the ability to edit item notes as an assignee

2023.0207.0637 (02/07/2023)

  • Added Document as Reference on Action Plans
  • Fixed: The Forms tool now shows the correct title when selecting a form.

2023.0130.0847 (01/30/2023)

  • Fixed: Weather icons and conditions now show correctly
  • Changed: Loading users within the Conversations tool is now faster

2023.0123.1352 (01/23/2023)

  • Fixed: The Models tool no longer crashes on occasion
  • Fixed: Correspondence as a Record now supports creating a Correspondence item
  • Added: Selected users can now switch to Dark Mode in the app

2023.0117.1325 (01/17/2023)

  • Added: Action Plan Item Search
  • Fixed: Inspections now supports longer inspection list section titles

2023.0110.1447 (01/10/2023)

  • Fixed: The app will no longer crash in some cases when viewing the weather screen

2023.0110.1158 (01/10/2023)

  • Fixed: Drawings no longer crashes when linking an existing punch item.

2023.0109.1244 (01/09/2023)

  • Fixed: Within the Models tool, viewpoints now support units other than feet
  • Fixed: Photo uploads should properly work when the app is put in the background

2023.0107.0241 (01/07/2023)

  • Fixed: Drawings no longer crashes when linking an existing punch item.

2023.0104.0821 (01/04/2023)

  • Fixed: Camera no longer crashes when leaving the app without taking a photo

2023.0103.0947 (01/03/2023)

  • Added: Support for Action Plan Item Notes.
  • Fixed: Photo uploads were potentially being duplicated in the Photos tool from the device screen, causing the duplicated uploads to fail. This has now been resolved.