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Below are notable changes to the Procore + Bluebeam integration in 2017.

Investigating a Known Issue with Markup in Procore's Attachment Viewer (10/12/2017)

A recent change to Bluebeam's software has resulted in a known issue when viewing markup detail in Procore's attachment. Although this affects all Procore tool's with at attachment viewer, users completing their markup in Bluebeam or users who have deployed the Procore + Bluebeam integration with the Project level Submittals tool will want to be aware of the issue. For details, see Where are some of my Bluebeam markups in Procore's attachment viewer?

Updated 'Documents' Attachments (9/19/2017)

Updated 'Documents' added to the Bluebeam Studio Session to now include attachments from a user's response in the workflow of the submittal.

Updated 'Name' Character Length Maximum (9/19/2017)

Updated the maximum character length for the 'Name' field to 60 characters.

Updated the Bluebeam Logo (4/13/2017)

Updated to Bluebeam Logo in the Submittals beta. 

Implemented Session State for Non-Bluebeam Users In Submittals Tool (4/11/2017)

Adjusted the Bluebeam Beta for the Submittals tool so that when a user creates a new Bluebeam session for a submittal, another user does not have the ability to alter the state of that session.

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