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How do I share feedback with Procore?


At Procore, we're always interested in hearing from our customers and learning about how we can improve your user experience. Whether it's related to our product (e.g. feature request, improvement, etc.) or the Support site (e.g. request a new tutorial, FAQ, diagram, etc.), your honest feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Share Product Feedback

Do you have constructive feedback about how we can improve one of Procore's platforms (e.g. web, mobile-iOS, mobile-Android, Procore Drive, etc.) or one of our tools (e.g. Submittals, Drawings, RFIs, etc.)? 

Share Support Center Feedback

Do you have an idea of how we can improve Procore's Support Center? Did you not find an article that answers your question? If so, please let us know.

Did you find a bug?

If so, please Contact Support and tell us about your problem.