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Compare Drawings (Windows)



To compare drawings in a project's Drawings tool on a Windows device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read-only' or above on the project's Drawings tool.


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool.

The following actions are available:

Compare Drawing Revisions

  1. Click the drawing you want to compare.
  2. Click Compare.
  3. View the comparison of the two most recent drawing revisions of the sheet you selected. 
    Note: Lines added will be highlighted in blue. Lines removed will be highlighted in red.
  4. To compare the drawing with a different revision, click Change Drawing.
  5. Click the drawing and revision you want to compare.

Compare with Another Drawing

  1. Click the drawing you want to compare.
  2. Click Compare.
  3. To compare the drawing with another drawing, click Change Drawing.
  4. Click the new Drawing and click the Revision you want to compare.
    Note: Your initial drawing is displayed in blue. The drawing with which you are comparing is displayed in red.

Toggle Drawings

  1. Click the drawing you want to compare.
  2. Click Compare.
  3. Click Toggle Sheets. 
  4. To switch between the sheets you are comparing, click Toggle Sheets.
  5. To return to the Compare page, click Reset Sheets.

Export Drawing Comparison

  1. Click the drawing you want to compare.
  2. Click Compare.
  3. Click Export.
    Note: The file can only be exported as a PNG.
  4. Click Save.

Troubleshooting (Realign Sheets)

If your drawing appears to have every line highlighted in red and blue, your PDFs may have been shifted a few pixels when the revision was created.

  1. Click Realign
  2. Click Auto Align to have the system move your sheets until your drawings are aligned.
  3. To manually align your drawings, click Move to drag or use the arrows to move the drawing sheets.
  4. Click the Save icon (save icon 2.jpg) to save your alignment adjustments.
  5. Click Reset to go back to the original drawing sheets alignment.
  6. Click the back arrow to return to the Compare page.


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