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Download Drawings (iOS)

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To download drawings for offline use on your iOS device.


Procore can automatically begin to download each new drawing in the Current Set to the Drawings tool upon entering a project. Or, you can turn off Auto Download to choose to select which drawings you want to have stored locally on your device for offline use.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read only' and above permissions on the Drawings tool.
  • You can test which drawings have been downloaded to your device already by putting your device in Airplane Mode, navigating to the Procore application, selecting Drawings from the tool list, and viewing all downloaded drawings. 
  • If you or another team member marks up a drawing while offline, or someone uploads a new version, your device will need to re-download the changes with an internet or network connection in order to view the the most current information.


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool on your iOS device with a network or internet connection.
  2. Turn ON the Auto Download by tapping the toggle so that it turns green. 
    1. All of the drawings in your project will be cached to your device's local storage.
  3. Turn OFF the Auto Download by tapping the toggle so that it turns white.
    1. Tap the drawings you want to cache to your device's local storage for offline use. You can tell which drawings have been downloaded by the green download icon next to the drawing in the list.
      • In the image above, the drawings highlighted in red (highlights added for clarity) are being downloaded because the Procore recognized them as new. The drawings not highlighted in red will not re-download to the device because they have already been downloaded.


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