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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes for Procore's Work Breakdown Structure. 

Recent Changes

Phased Release of Work Breakdown Structure Complete (4/1/2022) 

Procore is pleased to announce that the phased rollout of Work Breakdown Structure that started on March 3, 2022 is now complete. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a robust, flexible method for organizing and reporting on financial information. It includes the new WBS user experience for cost codes, cost types, and sub jobs in the Company and Project level Admin tools. You can now import cost codes, cost types, and sub jobs as segment items to the Company or Project level Admin tool using the Procore Imports app. To learn about the release, see Introducing Work Breakdown Structure.

Starting the Phased Release of Work Breakdown Structure (3/3/2022)

Starting March 3, 2022 through approximately the end of the month, Procore is deploying a gradual, phased release of the new Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) feature. This update includes the new WBS user experience in the Company and Project level Admin tools and it will be deployed to all Procore customers. To learn more, see Introducing Work Breakdown Structure.

(Beta) Arrange the Budget Code Structure on a Project (12/13/2021)

Your company's Procore Administrator now has the ability to Enable Project Level Budget Code Structure Edits. This allows users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Project level Admin tool to Arrange the Project Budget Code Structure

(Beta) Introducing Work Breakdown Structure (11/5/2021)

Procore is pleased to announce the start of the open beta program for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). This new feature provides you with the ability to create a customized framework of unique segments and rules for tagging, tracking, and reporting with Procore's Financial Management tools. To learn more about the open beta and its requirements, see (Beta) Introducing Work Breakdown Structure.