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Instructions - User Permissions


The following table highlights which user permissions are required to perform the described user action.

Task None Read Only Standard Admin
Add a Related Item to an Instruction       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Add the Instructions Tool to a Project       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png1
Configure Advanced Settings: Instructions       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Create an Instruction from an RFI     icon-mindtouch-table-check.png2 icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Create and Issue an Instruction     icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Edit and Re-Issue an Instruction     icon-mindtouch-table-check.png3 icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Email an Instruction       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Export an Instruction   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Export the Instructions List   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Delete an Instruction       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Retrieve an Instruction from the Recycle Bin       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Set User Permission for the Instructions Tool       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png
Switch Between Views in the Instructions Tool   icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png icon-mindtouch-table-check.png

1 You must also be your company's Procore Administrator. 

2  You must also have access to the RFI and 'Read Only' level permissions or higher on the project's RFIs tool.

3  Users with 'Standard' permissions can only edit instructions that they have created.