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Add a Change Order for an Estimate


To add a change order for an estimate in the Estimating, Bid Board, or Portfolio Planning tools.


If you need to add a change order for an estimate, you can create a change order within the Estimating tab. After the change order has been approved, you can choose to have it shown on the bid sheet. In addition, you can send it to the project's Change Events tool.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Bid Board or Portfolio Planning tool and select the project.
    Navigate to the project's Estimating tool.
  2. Click the Estimating tab.
  3. Click the estimate selection menu.
  4. In the Change Orders section, click the plus icon-plus-2.png icon.
    This automatically adds a change order to the estimate.
  5. Adjust line items for the change order as necessary.
  6. To approve the change order, click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-vertical.png icon on the change order tab, and select Approved.
    Note: You can also rename or copy the change order from this menu if needed.

Next Steps