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Update Your Login ID Email Address for Your Procore User Account


To change the Procore Login ID email address for your Procore user account. 


You can change the email address associated with your user account's Procore Login ID using the My Settings link in the Procore web application. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
  • Additional Information:
    • You can update your Login ID Email Address on all Procore user accounts associated with the email address being changed.
    • Unless you have 'Admin' level permission to the Company level Directory, you can only change your own Login ID Email Address. 
  • Limitations:
    • You can only change your Login ID Email Address from the Procore web application.
    • You cannot change your email address from a mobile device.


Update Your Procore Login ID Email Address

If your Procore user account has been granted access to MyProcore, follow these steps:

Note: If you do NOT see the options in the steps below, you must follow the steps in Create a Procore Login ID for a New Email Address detailed below. 

  1. Log into the Procore web application.
  2. Click your initials in the top-right corner of the Procore navigation bar. 
  3. Click My Settings
    This reveals the Profile page of the My Account Settings tool. 
  4. Click Account
    This reveals the Acccount page.
  5. Under the Login area, enter your new email address in the Login ID field.
    This reveals the Current Password field.
  6. Enter your current password in the Current Password box.
  7. Click Update.
    A GREEN banner appears to confirm the update. 

Create a Procore Login ID for a New Email Address

If your user account has NOT been granted access permission to MyProcore, you must follow these steps:

  1. Contact a user at your company with 'Admin' level permission to the Company or Project level Directory tool.
  2. Ask the user to do the following:
    1. Deactivate your current email account. See Deactivating a User.
    2. Create a new Procore account using your new email address. See Adding a Person to the Project DirectoryAdding a Person to the Company Directory, or Bulk Adding Users to a Project
      Important! Your new account will NOT be associated with any of the items that you create with your former email address. 
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