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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Directory tool.

Recent Changes

Added Reactivate Button For Inactive Users And Vendors (7/27/2017)

Added 'Reactivate' button for inactive users and vendors in the Company and Project level Directory tools.

Added Search Function For Distribution Group Name (7/25/2017)

Added the ability to search for a distribution group name in both Company and Project level Directory tools.

Added Toggle Between Directory Views (7/25/2017)

Added toggle to allow a user to switch between the 'Current View' and 'New View' in the Company and Project level Directory tools.

Restored The Ability To Create Permission Templates In The Project Directory (6/14/2017)

Restored the ability to create a new permission template through the Edit Contact page for a user in the Project Directory. 

Added Edit Button To The 'People Grouped By Company' View (6/1/2017)

Updated the Company and Project level Directory tools to add an Edit button to the line items in the 'People Grouped by Company' View.

Enhanced Type-Ahead List in Directory Tool to Add People to Project (5/3/2017)

Updated the Project Directory tool to update the type-ahead search on the Add Person window to list matching people when a user is adding a person to the Project Directory. See Add a Person to the Project Directory

Updated the Bulk Add from Company Page in the Project Directory (3/23/2017)

Updated the Bulk Add from Company page in the Project Directory. For details, see Bulk Add People and Companies to a Project from the Company Directory.

Now Blocking 'Standard' Users From Creating New Vendors In Contact Edit Page (3/8/2017)

Updated permissions in Procore so that now, users with 'Standard' level permission to the Directory cannot create a new vendor from the Directory's Contact Edit page. Note that users with 'Admin' permission to the Directory tool will still be permitted to create new company/vendor records by adding new information in the 'Company Information' fields on the Contact Edit page. 

Added ABN/EIN Search To Directory Tool (2/13/2017) 

Updated the Directory tool to include the 'business_register' variables (Australian Business Number (ABN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN)) in the search function.

Added '(None)' Options To Project Directory (1/16/2017)

Updated the Project Directory tool to added a '(None)' option in the 'Project Permission Templates' drop-down list on the Edit Contact Information page. 

Updated Tool Options In Directory For 'Do Not Apply a Permission Template' (1/6/2017)

Updated the contact Edit page in the Project Directory so that when a user selects the 'Do Not Apply a Permission Template' option from the 'Project Permission Templates' menu, the system now hides the informational banner saying that permissions are not editable. It also enables the radio buttons used to set the user's permissions for Procore tools on the project. See Add Person to Project Directory.

Selections In Project Roles List Now Match List Order In Company Admin Tool (1/4/2017)

Updated the Project level Directory tool so that the 'Project Roles' drop-down list (which appears on the create/edit person pages) now lists the role selections in the same order that the selections appear in the 'Project Roles' page under 'Administrative Settings' in the Company level Admin tool.

All Changes

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