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View the Payments Tool Change History

 General Availability in Select Markets (United States)
flag-us.png Procore Pay icon-external-link.png with payments powered by Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB)* is available in the United States. It is designed for General Contractors and Owner-Builders who act as their own General Contractors on a job. Procore Pay extends the Invoice Management icon-external-link.png functionality in the Procore web application to handle the payment process between general and specialty contractors.


To view the change history for the Company level Payments tool as a Payments Admin for the payor


When a user performs an action in the Company level Payments tool, it is recorded on the Change History page in the Payment Processing tab. 

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Company level Payments tool. 
  2. Click the Payments Settings icon-settings-gear-android.png icon. 
    This opens the Payments Settings page. 
  3. Click the Payment Processing tab. 
  4. Click the Change History link.
    This opens the Change History page.

    Only a Payments Admin has access to view the Payments tool's Change History. The table on the Change History page logs the actions performed by Payments Admins and Payments Disbursers with the Company level Payments tool. For step-by-step instructions, see View the Payments Tool Change History


    Click here to learn about the table.  

    Change History Page

    The table below describes the default columns on the Change History page.

    Column Description
    Date Shows the date and timestamp of the action. 
    Action By Shows the first and last name of the Procore user as their name appears in the Company Directory.

    Note: Only a member of Procore's Payments Operations Team can add Payments Admins to your account. This requires an authorized user at your company to complete and sign Procore's Payment Administrator Designation Form. Once added, this entry indicates the user was added by 'Procore Support'. For details, see Add or Remove Payments Admins as a Payor.
    Changed Provides a brief description of the action. 
    From Shows the value that the action changed from.

    Note: If the action originated from a setting with a blank or null value, Procore shows the double dash symbol (--). 
    To Shows the To value that the action changed to.

    Note: If the action resulted in a setting with a blank or null value, Procore shows the double dash symbol (--).