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Update the Three (3) Level Cost Code Import Template

IMPORTANT! In order to protect the integrity of your company’s data, Procore Employees are restricted from modifying the data that clients submit in all Procore Import Templates. This restriction applies to all data modifications, including correcting typographical errors. If Procore determines that errors are present in any Procore Import Template that you submit to Procore, it will be returned to you for correction. Please note that the import process may take up to 72 hours to process.



To update the the cost code import template for a three (3) level cost code structure using Microsoft Excel. 

Things to Consider

  • Recommendations:
    • The three (3) level cost code import template was specifically designed for use with Microsoft Excel.
    • For best results, it is recommended that you only update these templates with Microsoft Excel and avoid using other spreadsheet programs (e.g., Google Sheets, Smartsheets, and so on).
  • Prerequisites:


This illustration uses sample data to show you how to properly complete the data entry for a three (3) level cost code structure. 


  1. Open your downloaded multi-level import template in Microsoft Excel.
    The template is set up as a Microsoft Excel workbook. It contains three (3) worksheets.
  2. Review the following information in the workbook:
    • Instructions. This worksheet summarizes important information about the data entry and formatting requirements for the Add Data Here worksheet.
    • Sample Data. This worksheet provides you an example of a cost code structure for the number of level you've selected for your cost code structure.
    • Add Data Here. This is the worksheet in which you will enter you cost code data. 
  3. Click the Add Data Here worksheet. Then continue with the data entry:
    1. To add a Level 1 Cost Code:
      1. Enter a value in the Cost Code Level 1 cell only.
      2. Leave all other Cost Code Levels cells blank (e.g., levels 2-5).
      3. Enter a value in the Description cell.

    2. To add a Level 2 Cost Code:
      1. Repeat the Cost Code Level 1 entry.
      2. Enter a value in the Cost Code Level 2 cell. Leave the remaining Cost Code Level cell blank (e.g., level 3). 
      3. Enter a value in the Description cell.

    3. To add a Level 3 Cost Code:
      1. Repeat the Cost Code Level 1 and Cost Code Level 2 entries.
      2. Enter a value in the Cost Code Level 3 cell. Leave the remaining Cost Code Levels cells blank (e.g., levels 3-5). 
      3. Enter a value in the Description cell.

  4. Repeat the steps above for every cost code that you want to import into Procore.
  5. Save your updates.

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