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View the Payments List as a Payee

 General Availability in Select Markets (United States)
flag-us.png Procore Pay icon-external-link.png with payments powered by Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB)* is available in the United States. It is designed for General Contractors and Owner-Builders who act as their own General Contractors on a job. Procore Pay extends the Invoice Management icon-external-link.png functionality in the Procore web application to handle the payment process between general and specialty contractors.
Limited Release
Free Procore accounts are currently only available in the United States and Canada.


To view and configure the Payments List as a payee to see payment details.


Procore Pay allows subcontractors to receive payments for invoices using Procore. You can view payments details such as the date the payment was initiated, invoice number, payment amount, payment status, and more. You can configure your table view to see these details as you would like.

Things to Consider 


  1. Navigate to your company's homepage. See How do I change companies?
  2. Navigate to the Payments tool.
  3. Click the Payments tab.
  4. View the payment information.
  5. Optional: Update your view to see relevant information. 
    • Configure what fields show on the table.
      1. Click the Table Configuration icon-ag-grid-table-filter-menu.png icon.
      2. Move the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on.png position for the fields you want to show in the table.
      3. Click the X to close the modal.
    • Configure the order the columns appear.
      1. Click the header for the column that you want to move.
      2. Drag and drop the column to the desired location.
    • Pin columns to remain visible when you scroll.
      1. Click the Vertical Ellipsis icon-ellipsis-options-menu.png on the column you want to pin.
      2. Click Pin Column.
      3. Select where to pin the column.
        Note: To unpin the column, repeat these steps and click No Pin
    • Sort table by column.
      1. Click the header of the column until an Up Arrow icon-ag-grid-sort-ascending.png appears to sort by ascending.
      2. Click the header of the column until a Down Arrow icon-ag-grid-sort-descending.png appears to sort by descending.
      3. Click the header of the column until no arrow appears to clear the sorting preference.

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