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Below are common FAQs about creating Custom Tools in Procore.

Can I create a custom tool tab at both the Company and Project levels?

Yes. Although users cannot build Custom Tools themselves, companies can request the development of a Custom Tool in their Procore account by making a formal request. All custom tools are built by the Procore Customs Solutions Team.

Can I export data from a custom tool as a PDF or CSV?

Yes. Most data can be exported into a PDF or CSV format. However, there may be certain situations where data cannot be properly exported from Procore. 

  • CSV Export: In the Custom Tool's Configure Settings, you can choose whether you would like to export "All Item Information" or "List Page Only."

Is there a limit to the number of Custom Tools I can create?

Yes, refer to your point of contact at Procore for further information on customization hours.

Can Custom Tools be made available to Procore's mobile application (iOS or Android)?

Yes, your Procore point of contact  or the Customs Solutions Team can enable your Custom Tool on mobile for you. Supported functionality in a mobile application interface is dependent on the complexity of the tool itself. Certain data fields and user actions may not be supported. During the scoping phase of the project, be sure to inform the Procore Customs Tool designer that you would like the tool to be made available on mobile.
Note: At this time, we do not support Custom Tools with both workflow and mobile functionality. Once a workflow is added to a Custom Tool, it will no longer be available on mobile. 

How do I control user level access for custom tools?

Access to custom tools is controlled in the same way as other Procore tools. At the Company level, company administrators control which tools are enabled (active) or disabled for their account. At the Project level, project administrators can control which tools are enabled (active) or disabled for their specific project, as well as determine user level access (e.g. read only, standard, admin, none) on a per tool basis.

Which data fields can be added to a Custom Tool?

The following types of fields/elements can be added to a Custom Tool.

Standard fields:

  • Title
  • #
  • Rev
  • Due Date
  • Assigned To
  • Schedule Impact
  • Cost Impact
  • Location
  • Cost Code
  • Status
  • Attachment
  • Description
  • Created By
  • Created At

Additional custom fields:

  • Person Selectors
    • Directory person selector
      • Select a user from the project directory
    • Single person selector
      • Select a user with Read-only level permissions and above
    • Multi person selector
      • Select multiple users with Read-only level permissions and above
    • Assignment selector
      • Select a user with Standard level permissions and above.
  • Checkbox
  • Date picker
  • Single Cost Code selector
  • Duration (in calendar days)
  • Selectors:
    • Generic selector
      • The Custom Solutions team can add up to 10 selections
    • Location selector
    • Vendor selector (company selector)
  • Text fields
    • Read-only text
    • Text area (Note: For HTML code, the text can not be included inline on forms. Text must be a separate paragraph.
    • Text field (Note: One line of text can be included inline on forms).
  • Currency field (Note: Calculations can not be performed in these boxes).
  • File uploader (Note: Links to uploaded files can be included, but will not be displayed inline - they will only be able to display inline with DocuSign).

Can I report on a custom tool?

Reporting on Custom Tools is limited, however, you are able to create a Company Wide "Project Rollup Report" on Custom Tools which have been shared across your company.

  • Project Rollup Reports are located on your Company level Reports page.

Can I add custom statuses to my custom tool?

Yes. Once a custom tool has been created for you, navigate to the Custom Tool's Configure Settings and scroll to "Statuses." 

  • Custom Tools always have the Open and Closed statuses; these can not be removed or modified. 
  • Once you have added a custom status, you are able to sort by this status from the list view.

Can I bring information from other Procore tools into my custom tool?

At this time, Custom Tools can not pull information from other tools in Procore (e.g. Custom Tools can not pull information from the RFI tool, Submittal tool, etc). Custom Tools are completely isolated from all other tools in Procore. If you would like that kind of information in a Custom Tool, it will all be manual re-entry in the tool itself.

Can the fields on my Custom Tool autofill with information?

At this time, custom fields do not have "autofill" capabilities.

How do I turn on my Custom Tool?

Once the Custom Solutions team has created a Custom Tool for you and shared it across your company, you can turn it on within the desired projects. To turn on a Custom Tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the project you would like the tool to appear on.
  2. Go to the project level Admin page.
  3. In the right sidebar, under project settings, click Active Tools.
  4. Find the Custom Tool you would like to turn on, and click the check box on the right-hand side.
  5. Click Update. The tool will appear in your toolbox header under "Custom."
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