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Request a Custom Form


To request the development of a Custom Form that you can use to create custom PDFs in your company's Procore account that more closely matches the design style and guidelines of existing company-specific forms.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To submit a request for a custom form, you must be your company's Procore Administrator (i.e., a user with 'Admin' permissions across all Company tools). 
  • Additional Information:
    • Additional cost may be associated when requesting the development of a custom form. Please discuss the details of your business needs and requirements with your Procore point of contact.
    • After receipt of a correctly formatted form, customizations typically take 2-3 weeks to develop. However, each form has its own specific timeline.
    • If you are requesting the development of more than one custom form, you must make a separate submission for each form.
    • If you are requesting updates to a form that has previously been customized, be sure to highlight all markups in YELLOW and RED as specified below.
    • Each request will be evaluated to determine which modifications can be performed. To keep the number of revisions to a minimum, it's important to clearly communicate the form's intended behavior. A follow-up call with a member of the Procore Custom Solutions Team may be required for clarification purposes.


Add Markups to Form

  1. Highlight in YELLOW every dynamic form field that already exists in Procore. (i.e. a field on the form that should be populated with data stored in Procore.) For example, in the sample form below, the following dynamic fields are under the "And SUBCONTRACTOR" section are highlighted in yellow.  

  2. Highlight in RED any dynamic form fields that are new and do not exist in Procore. If your Custom Form has dynamic fields that do not exist in Procore, please indicate these fields by highlighting them in red and specifying the desired name of each field. Your Procore Custom Solutions Team can most likely create a custom field in Procore to map to the appropriate field. See example below. (Note: Custom fields cannot be created on every tool in Procore. Please be prepared to discuss your forms and all required fields on your discovery call.)

    • If there are any custom fields which remain the same across a project (Ex: Owner's Project number, Warranty Information, liquidated damages,etc.), please specify by adding **ADMIN** to that field. 
      • Ex: IF you want the Bond Amount on the project's Admin page rather than the subcontract page, just add **ADMIN** to specify that this information remains the same across the project. 

Send Forms to Procore

Email TWO (2) copies of the form you wish to customize to and CC your Procore point of contact. In the subject line of your email, please put the name of the tool PDF you are hoping to customize and your company name (i.e. PCCO: Procore Construction Company)

  • Form with markups - MUST be Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx)
  • Form without any markups. (i.e. an example of what you would want the form's end product to look like; a past completed contract or form with all information populated. This copy can be PDF or Word format).


If you are having problems and need assistance, please set up a call with a member of the Procore Custom Solutions team. 

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