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App Preferences (iOS)

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New Mobile Experience!

This content is part of the new mobile design. This page was called 'Settings' but is now  'App Preferences' and no longer includes project notifications. See Manage Project Settings (iOS) for information about project notifications. 


To access and configure Procore global app settings on an iOS device. 

Things to Consider 


  1. Open the Procore app on an iOS mobile device. 
  2. Navigate to the Sidebar screen by tapping your avatar next to the menu icon-hamburger-menu-mobile.pngicon.
  3. Tap App Preferences icon-settings-gear-grey3.png 
  4. Configure settings according to your preferences. See details about each setting option in the following sections: 

App Preferences on Sidebar screen.png


Manage Storage

We do not recommend clearing cached data in order to troubleshoot an issue. However, if you receive an alert that your device does not have enough free storage, you can choose to delete cached data for one or more projects. See How do I manage the storage the Procore mobile app is using on my device? 

  1. Tap Manage Storage. 
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Tap the project or projects you want to delete cached data for.
  4. Tap Delete Cached Data.
  5. Tap OK to confirm.
  6. Tap Settings to go back.

Manage Photo Storage

  1. Tap Photo Storage.
  2. Next to Save Photos to Camera Roll, choose: 
    • Tap the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on-ios.png position to save photos to your camera roll.
    • Tap the toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off-ios.png position to not save photos to your camera roll. 


Upload Queue

  1. Tap Upload Queue to see any queued uploading items.
  2. Optional: Tap Edit if you want to remove items from the upload queue.
    Note: Photos cannot be manually removed from the Upload Queue. You can delete photos from the Photos tool later if needed. See Delete Photos (iOS).
    • Swipe left on the item you want to delete, then tap Delete.
    • Tap Delete to confirm.
      Tap Cancel.

Upload Photos on WiFi Only

  • Tap the toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off-ios.png position to allow your device to upload photos and attachments using cellular data (if available on your device). 
  • Tap the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on-ios.png position to only allow photo and attachments to be uploaded while your device is connected to WiFi. 

Photo Upload Quality

To improve sync times and data usage, Procore will automatically select a small file size for uploaded photos and attachments. Follow the steps below to change the default setting:

  1. Tap Photo Upload Quality.
  2. Tap Default or Best.
    Note: Selecting Best may cause uploads to take longer and cause the app to use more data on your device.
  3. Tap Settings to go back.


Change Global Push Notification Settings

Manage how you are notified about certain events across all projects. To learn about your project notification preferences, see Manage Project Settings (iOS)

Push notifications are alerts that appear on your iOS mobile device's lock screen and notification center.


To receive push notifications from Procore, you will need to enable push notifications on your iOS device and the Procore app. To enable push notifications on your iOS device, do the following:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your iOS device.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Tap Procore from the 'Notifications' list.
  4. Tap to toggle the ON icon-toggle-on-ios.png position to Allow Notifications.
  1. Tap Change Global Push Notification Settings.
  2. To enable one or more of the following notifications for all projects, tap the corresponding toggle to the 'ON' position.
    • Pending Upload Notification: Enable this option to allow the Pending Upload Badge to display the number of pending uploads next to the Upload Queue.
    • My Time Clock: Enable this option to receive reminders to clock in or out of a project when you enter or leave the project's geofence. See Clock Your Time (iOS).

Quick Capture

Enable Quick Capture

  • Tap the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on-ios.png position to enable the Quick Capture feature. 
  • Tap the toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off-ios.png position to disable the Quick Capture feature. 

Save Recordings to Camera Roll

  • Tap the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on-ios.png position to save recordings taken using Quick Capture to your Camera Roll.
  • Tap the toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off-ios.png position to not save recordings taken using Quick Capture to your Camera Roll.

Run Transcriptions on Device

Procore uses Apple's transcription service that supports both online and offline transcriptions.

  • Tap the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on-ios.png  position to only run transcriptions locally through your device.
  • Tap the toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off-ios.png position run transcriptions through the online transcription service.

Dark Mode

Choose a Light or Dark appearance for your Procore app.

  1. Tap Preferred Appearance.
  2. Tap one of the following options:
    • System: The Procore app automatically applies Light or Dark mode based on the system settings currently selected on your device.
    • Light: The Procore app has a light appearance.
    • Dark: The Procore app has a dark appearance.


  1. Tap Login Preference.
  2. Select one of the following login options:
    Note: The exact options shown will depend on the features available on your iOS mobile device.
    • Yes, but ask for thumbprint: Tap this option if you want to log in using your thumbprint. This option is only available for iOS devices with a Home button and Touch ID enabled.
    • Yes, but ask for Face ID: Tap this option if you want to log in using Face ID. This option is only available for iOS devices using Face ID. 
    • Yes, always auto-login: Tap this option if you want to stay logged in to the app.
    • No, always ask for password: Tap this option if you want to enter your password each time you open the app 
  3. Tap Continue to save your preferences.
Login Preference Screen.png