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Xero with Smoothlink

We make your accounting less tedious!

Smoothlink’s integration was initially custom built as a solution for a large Queensland construction company who struggled to find the right fit for their growing business.

Over time the integration by Smoothlink has evolved into a universal integration supporting all types of businesses within the building industry from local, national, and even global companies
With innovation as the driving force of Smoothlink, our integration has become a key solution within the building industry and is now recognised as one of the leading accounting solutions between Procore and Xero.

Developing the integration with a growing builder allowed Smoothlink to focus on efficiency and costs reduction. Smoothlink stands alone in the market with a clean and user-friendly dashboard that you can tailor to your needs allowing you to be up and running within 48 hours.

The accuracy of your financial data is critical and with Smoothlink’s integration, your data will be unified between Procore and Xero covering Head Contract & Commitment Progress Claims, Direct Costs as well as Timesheets, and many more.


  • Get set up with our one time quick & easy configuration
  • Customise your integration to suit your business needs
  • Seamlessly ensure the unification of your data across Procore and Xero


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