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Get Procore Vendor from Xero Contact


To send a Xero Contact into Procore.


Contacts are sent from Xero into Procore, and and changes on a Contact in Xero are updated into Procore.

Things to Consider

  • You need permissions to edit a Contact in Xero.
  • The Xero Contact Group "Procore" must exist.


  1. Log into Procore and go to Contacts -> All Contacts.
  2. Search for the Contact you wish to integrate.
  3. Select the Contact using the checkbox, then choose Options -> Add to Group.
  4. Select the group "Procore" and press "Add".


  1. Run the integration called "Get All Contacts". The integration will Create a new Vendor in Procore in the Global Directory for that Contact. The Vendor will be flagged as integrated with ERP.


Next Steps

  • If you want to use the contact, add it to the appropriate project in Procore. Then you can use this contact on Commitments, Progress Claims, or Direct Invoices.