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WillowTwin Document Exporter

Export documents to WillowTwin™

Automatically handover documents uploaded in Procore to your WillowTwin™ for faster and more seamless transition of digital deliverables from construction, through handover, to operations. 

Ensure documents being accessed are up to date, and view them in context in WillowTwin alongside geospatial, static, and live data sources.

Create a digital thread of your asset, including quality assurance, data integrity, supply chain performance, and forensic analysis of the project throughout its lifecycle.



  • Easily navigate your project directory and find files for export.
  • Select relevant files for handover to your corresponding WillowTwin instance.
  • Access selected documents via Search and Explore and linked spaces in WillowTwin.





Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Project Documents - Admin

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