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The simplest way to talk about location

Access the what3words online map directly in Procore to help your team easily communicate, identify and report precise locations of various assets, and coordinate operations using just 3 words. 


  • Simple communication — Communicating GPS coordinates is tricky and error-prone. With a 3 word address, users can easily search for and share any location with just 3 words. 
  • Increased efficiency — On sites with multiple buildings, one address can cover the whole property, whilst other assets may not have an address at all. Now that every 3m x 3m in the world has a 3 word address, users can quickly identify or report the location of various assets.
  • Accurate and actionable data within a Global Solution— Easily collect and validate precise 3m x 3m square locations from users with just three words. The 3 word addresses are standardized globally and available in 50 languages.





Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Company Admin tool - admin permissions required for installation.

Subscriptions and Licensing

  • Users can register to what3words and save their locations on their profile

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