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To configure integration of WeatherBuild with Procore Daily Log, where WeatherBuild reports and alerts automatically populate Observed Weather Conditions in the Procore Daily Log:

  1. In Procore

You will create a Service Account to allow WeatherBuild to write to your project’s Daily Log.

These steps must be done by someone with Admin permissions on the Company-level Directory and Company-level Admin tools.


  • Install the WeatherBuild app from the Procore App Marketplace. (Note: installing the app will give you access to additional WeatherBuild features, but is not required for the Daily Log integration.)

  • Create service account:

    • (Note: if you will be using this integration for multiple projects, only one service account is required per company. If you already created a service account, skip to the section “Add the service account to the project”.)

  • Navigate to the Company-level Admin tool. (On the company home page, at the top of the page, click Company Tools, then under Core Tools, click Admin.)

  • On the right-hand side of the page, under Company Settings, click Service Accounts.

  • Near the top right of the page, click New. (It is highlighted in orange.)

  • Select Marketplace as the App Type.

  • Select WeatherBuild from the list of Marketplace Apps.

  • (Note: if WeatherBuild is not listed as an option, you can still proceed by choosing Custom as the App Type.)

  • Type a name for the service account. For example, “WeatherBuild Service”.

  • Click Create.

  • You will see the Client ID and Client Secret for the service account. Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret to somewhere safe for later use (for example, save them in a document using Notepad or Word).

  • Add the service account to the project:

    • Navigate to the Company-level Directory tool.

    • Locate the service account in the list of users. If there are many users, type the name of the service account into the Search box to find it.

    • Click the Edit button on the row that lists the service account.

    • Scroll down to the section “Projects [the service account] Does Not Belong To”.

    • In the row for the relevant project, click Add.

    • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  • Assign permissions to the service account:

    • Navigate to the Project-level Daily Log tool. (Alternatively, navigate to the Project-level Directory tool, if it is available, choose Edit on the service account, and skip to the “Project Permissions Templates” step.)

    • Click the gear icon “⚙” located to the left of the main heading “Daily Log”.

    • On the right-hand side of the page, click Permissions Table.

    • Click the name of the service account.

    • Scroll down to the section “Project Permissions Templates”.

    • In the row “Daily Log”, select the choice “Admin” (it should be the button in the right-most column).

    • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  • Copy and paste the Procore Project ID to somewhere convenient for later use (e.g. the document where you saved the Client ID and Client Secret earlier).

    • The Procore Project ID is part of the web address for every Project-level tool in Procore. Open a Project-level tool and look at your browser’s address bar. You should see something like “…”. The Project ID is the number between “” and “/project”. If you see “/company” after the number, that is not the Project ID.


  1. In WeatherBuild

  • Log into WeatherBuild Web as a Project Admin (or Account Admin) user.

  • Navigate to the Edit Project page.

  • Under Edit Project, click Procore to open the Procore tab.

  • Turn on the switch for Procore Daily Log Integration.

  • Enter the info you collected earlier, into the respective fields:

    • Procore Project ID

    • Service Account Client ID

    • Service Account Client Secret

  • Leave “API domain” blank. (This option is used for development and testing.)

  • Click Save Project.

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