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Find Construction Mistakes Before They Become Expensive Problems

ClearEdge3D's new Procore integration allows our Verity customers to easily publish to Procore any field mistakes our industry leading computer vision algorithms help you detect. Once you've reviewed the results of our automated comparison of laser scan of the installed work against your coordination models; Verity users can go to our publish tab, select Procore, login, select a company and project they have access to, and then publish non-conforming field issues as either observations or as coordination issues. Once uploaded, Procore users can edit, assign, and manage the observations or issues through to completion within the procore web app! 

For observations and coordination issues we upload all the supporting information from Verity: Installation status, conformance to tolerance, and all the measurements in our table is added to the description field; and we attach images, point clouds, as-built geometry, and even our HTML item reports. Additionally, coordination issues contain the location and viewpoints associated with each issue!


  • Upload installation errors detected by Verity as Observations.
  • Uploade installation errors detected by Verity as Issues.
  • Use attached images, point clouds, and geometry files to resolve errors.


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