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View live video from your jobsite.

TrueLook’s interactive cameras allow you to view live video and images from your jobsites, create custom time-lapse videos, and record 24/7 security video. Connecting TrueLook and Procore will allow you to view your live camera from within Procore. You will also have access to all historical time-lapse photos in Procore, letting you effectively go back in time to any point in your project. Within TrueLook, you can now send any photo to Procore photo albums along with notes or markup.


  • View a live camera in Procore to monitor real-time jobsite conditions.
  • Create custom time-lapses for documentation, and access historical imagery within Procore
  • Send any photo from TrueLook to Procore with notes or markup.
  • Access your Procore contacts from within TrueLook.


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