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Request to Reset a Commitment Synced with Sage 300 CRE


To submit a request to reset a commitment that has been synced with Sage 300 CRE. 


Before you can edit the locked fields in a synced commitment (see Edit a Commitment Synced with Sage 300 CRE) and before you can delete a synced commitment (see Delete a Commitment Synced with Sage 300 CRE), the commitment must be manually reset for your company by Procore. To submit a request to delete a synced commitment, see the steps below. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool. 
  • Prerequisites:
    • The commitment must be synced with the Sage 300 CRE system.
    • The commitment must be deleted from the Sage 300 CRE system. 


Complete both steps:

Step 1: Obtain Your Project and Commitment Information

  1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool.
  2. In the Commitments page, locate the commitment that you want to delete.
    Note: When a commitment is synced with a third-party ERP system, a green ERP banner appears in the Title cell of the commitment line item. 
  3. Next to the commitment, click View. 
    This opens the individual commitment. 
    Note: If you have synced a Sage 300 CRE commitment with Procore, the Delete button in the right sidebar is grayed out and unavailable. 
  4. Locate the following information in Procore:
    • Project Name. The project name is at the top of the page below the 'Change Company' option (e.g., Beaverton Office Park).

    • Project Number. The project number is located next to the project name (e.g., 4146)

    • Commitment Number. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool. Then locate the commitment number in the list. 

Step 2: Send Your Reset Request to Procore

  1. Send an email the required information (detailed above) to your Procore point of contact
    or to
  2. Upon receiving your request, your Procore point of contact will:
    • Verify that the requestor has 'Admin' level permissions to the project's Commitments tool.
    • Submit the request to a Procore ERP Integrations Implementation specialist, who will coordinate the reset action in the hh2 cloud service. 
    • Your Procore point of contact will notify you when the reset action is complete. Typically, resets are completed in less than one (1) business day.

Next Steps