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Workflow Diagram


Working with the Revizto - Procore Integration

Here are the steps for setting up and working with the Revizto - Procore integration.

  1. To connect your Revizto project to a Procore project, select the Edit pulldown in the top left-hand corner of the application then select Integrations.


  1. After selecting Integrations you will see a dialog asking to connect to a Procore project.


  1. After selecting Connect Project you will be asked to choose the Procore organization as well as the project. Once selected you will launch the Procore login page where credentials will be required to move forward.


  1. A successful connection will appear like the image below.


  1. After selecting Continue you can then monitor your connection status in this same dialog, and the indication of a connected project will appear as below.


  1. At this point you can leave this dialog and continue into the project environments.
  2. Once inside the project in the issue tracker, you will have an option to send an issue to Procore as seen at the bottom of each issue in Revizto.


  1. By selecting send to Procore the issue with all relevant data will be populated in the Coordination tool. Here a live link to the Revizto GUI is available as well as a snapshot of the issue and the ability to elevate the issue directly to an RFI inside the Coordination tool.


  1. Once Revizto issue is sent to Procore, most of the issue fields and issue markup will be locked in Revizto. Modifications are allowed only at Procore side. Fields that are not available in Procore (priority, tags, comments) will still be available in Revizto. Revizto issue visibility is controlled by Revizto rights.
  2. All issues in Revizto will have Procore links attached to them allowing you to click on the Procore logo to find the coordination issue in Procore, as well as an indicator if the issue has been elevated to an RFI and is awaiting an official response.


  1. You can connect any number of Revizto projects to one Procore project. In Revizto, you will see only coordination issues that were created based on the issues of the current project.