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Push-to-Talk by VoiceLayer

Never miss a message. Playback any time.

To get started, you’ll download VoiceLayer’s mobile app. However, you’ll only use this app to manage Settings, create channels, or send texts and files. That’s because our Push-to-Talk—recording, listening, changing channels—is designed to be used with the VoiceLayer app in the background. PTT is controlled from a headset, a lock-screen widget, or an ‘floating’ PTT widget you can use while inside Procore’s mobile app.


  • On mobile, select any Procore group — RFI, Meeting — to create a PTT channel with all involved.
  • The PTT channel’s membership will continuously sync with Procore’s records.
  • Control PTT via your headset, a lock-screen widget, or even an onscreen ‘floating’ PTT button.

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