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Frequently Asked Questions

Procore/ (PC.o) Sync FAQs

Schedule Types

Does the Procore/PC.o work with any schedules?

Answer: PC.o works with Primavera P6 “.XER” files, Microsoft Project “.MPP” files, and Excel formatted schedules. Integration with other schedule systems and formats is possible. Contact PCo directly to discuss integration with other schedule systems.

I’m using Procore Drive to connect directly with the Primavera P6 database, will PC.o sync with that schedule information?

Answer: Currently, PC.o cannot sync with this setup. To workaround this, we recommend backing up the P6 Project to a .XER file and loading the file into Procore.

I’m using Procore Drive to import my MS Project Schedule, will PC.o sync with that schedule information?

Answer: Yes.


I pressed sync into PC.o, signed into Procore, but nothing appears to happen. Why?

Answer: PC.o syncs with Procore in the background. Go to the CPM Schedule section and you should start seeing folders representing the Procore Projects show up. Feel free to hit the “refresh” button on the browser application when you have new files. Depending on the number/size of files you have in process, it may take a little time. You may also need to refresh your browser as the files are verified in the background before being added.

How does PC.o manage multiple Procore Projects?

Answer: PC.o creates a folder for each Procore Project that has a schedule file.

Not all my Procore Projects have a corresponding folder in PC.o. Why?

Answer:  PC.o only creates folders for projects that have schedule files.

Does PC.o sync automatically?

Answer: Currently PC.o requires the user to click on the “re-sync” button to retrieve the latest information from Procore. Any new files or versions will be added. Any deleted files will be removed.

Can PC.o sync with multiple folders in Procore?

Answer:  Yes. Once inside the synced PC.o folder, the notes section for each file will show what folder within the Procore project the file comes from, the version, and any notes that were added in Procore.

Can PC.o retrieve multiple versions of a file in Procore?

Answer: Yes. PC.o retrieves all versions of a schedule file and provides the version in the notes.

Can PC.o sync with Excel Look Aheads?

Answer: Since Excel Look Aheads can vary widely from user to user, they need to be imported specifically through the PC.o process.

PC.o Functionality with Procore synced folders

How can I delete a file in PC.o that’s within a Procore synced folder?

Answer: For folders that sync with Procore, we recommend you delete the file in Procore then select “re-sync” within PC.o to update the file information.

How do I share folders in PC.o that are synced with Procore?

Answer: For folders synced with Procore, we recommend using Procore systems to share files.

How do I import a schedule file to a Procore synced folder?

Answer: For folders synced with Procore, we recommend you import the schedules into Procore, then select “re-sync” in PC.o to retrieve the file information.