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Superuser: Box Reference Sheet


To provide Procore Superusers with helpful information for supporting the Procore + Box integration.


The Procore + Box integration gives you the ability to upload files that are stored in your Box account directly from the supported Procore tools (see Which Procore tools support the Box integration?). This integration can be configured at the company level by any active Procore user from his or her My Account Settings page. To learn more, see Configure the Procore + Box Integration.



The following links provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about the Box integration. All of the linked answers below are publicly available to end users on the Procore support site:


The following list provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Box integration. The Procore Support site does not currently detail cost information for Procore products or integrations. The answers below are for Superuser reference only:

  • Are there any costs associated with the Box integration?
    No. On the Procore side, there are no additional costs. However, there is a fee for Box. See Box: Plans and Pricing
  • How do I enable the Box integration for a company?
    For the Procore + Box Integration, see Superuser: Enable the Procore + Box Integration.
  • What if the end user has questions not covered in this document?
    If the end user has questions not covered here, first verify that the end user's question/issue with Procore is addressed. For questions specifically about Box, refer the customer to Box Support:

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